Inner Beauty

Last Saturday I joined with a few people in my church to help clean up some branches from the most recent ice storm we had.

A friend of ours had a huge branch from an old and stately white oak tree fall on top of his and his neighbor’s house. This tree had thick brown bark and the trunk was gnarled in spots but when we began to cut the logs what we saw inside was amazing.

Inside there were different shades of brown in various patterns. Nature had definitely created something beautiful inside.

Do we judge others by what we see on the outside or do we take time to look deeper and find something more?

Like so many things, it is not what’s outside, but what is inside that counts

Merchant in Aladdin in trying to sell an old lamp

I could have easily walked by the old branch laying on the ground with hardly a glance, but if I had I would have missed its inner beauty.

I immediately thought about what a beautiful stool or small table this wood would make. Even though this part of the tree is dead, it’s still useful and can become something more.

As we look inside others we can also see beauty and potential for so much more.

There are multiple dimensions to all of us, so next time you meet someone let’s look deeper inside and find the true beauty.

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