Before the Calm

The other night I watched a beautiful short video and song by The Truman Brothers. An uplifting story of hope and peace.

The story they tell about their Aunt Rhonda passing away during COVID (from brain cancer) was especially touching to me, as I knew her. When we moved to the Nashville TN area from Oregon she was one of the first people I met. She was our Real Estate Agent and helped us so much in that long distance move. I always considered her a friend.

When troubled, dark, or difficult times come to us, where do we turn? And how do we get through them?

The Truman Brothers have written a beautiful and uplifting song that can give you peace and hope through difficult times.

It’s just the Storm BEFORE THE CALM. It’s just the darkness before the dawn. When the wind is raging keep holding on. Because it’s just the storm BEFORE THE CALM.

The Truman Brothers, “Before the Calm”

Many times we hear of the calm before the storm, but what about the one that can come after. The calm that will bring peace to a troubled heart is Jesus Christ.

We all will face difficult times. But like many before us, we can find the strength, hope, and fortitude to get through if we just look forward to the calm. For some it may take a while, but it will always come–I have experienced it in my own life.

Hang on because your storm like many others is just the storm before the calm!

Look forward with faith and hope and you will make it through!

Listen to their short story and song, The Truman Brother’s 5-minute fireside: Getting to the End of the Story here.

Or just their song BEFORE THE CALM here.

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