Starting Today

It seems that there is always more we want to do or to become than we have time for. It can seem overwhelming sometimes. We may not be able to do everything…

…but we can do something.

And we can start today.

Each day, each of us–everyone in the world is given the exact same opportunity of time. We all have 24 hours, or 1,440 minutes, or 86,400 seconds each and everyday.

What do we want to do with that time? Some play, some learn, some work hard, some study, while others may be hurting or struggling.

But starting today can we find 1 or 2 things that we can spend more time on that will make a difference in our lives? Can we prioritize our time to find 5 minutes or 15 minutes out of that 1,440 minutes?

Or can we give up something of lesser value for something that will have greater value and impact in the long run? Can we give up 300 seconds or 900 seconds out of that 86,400 seconds we have been given?

It may take some work, it may be hard, it may mean we reach out for help…but we can do something today.

We can start today to do something more or become something more because of that day when Jesus Christ walked out of the tomb and showed the world that nothing was impossible.

After suffering for us in the Garden and on the Cross both spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and finally physically, He rose again on Easter Sunday more than 2,000 years ago.

And because He rose, He can also help us to rise up and do more in our life. But we have to start sometime…and why not start today?

Start today to increase your faith…

Russell M. Nelson, April 2021 General conference

It takes faith to move forward. Sometimes the first step is just believing you can do it.

Starting today what can you do better or different or more of? How can you make your life more positive?

Watch this short inspirational video here about #startingtoday

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