Our Road

Today is Palm Sunday, a day in which over 2,000 years ago, Jesus entered Jerusalem for the last time. At that point did he know the road he walked? Did he know how the week would end?

After a week in which he was tortured, teased, beat, and condemned he was nailed to a cross to die. Not a week any of us can imagine going through.

But through it all, from the road leading into Jerusalem with the people shouting “Hosanna to the Son of David: Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord” to the road to Golgotha where they spat on him, he held his head high.

He had not come to save the nation from political foes, but from the sting of death and the grave. He did not come to save only the Jews, but to save all men if we will but believe and follow him.

What roads do we walk in our lives? Do we find ourselves on the road amongst the cheers of others only to be turned upon and found fending for ourselves?

On our road do we hold our head up high, follow in the footsteps of how the Savior of the world lived his life, and keep pushing on?

Jesus Christ knew that physical death on the cross was not the end. His mortal pain and agony was but little compared to the spiritual anguish he suffered for our very souls.

After the fateful day, on the day we now celebrate as Easter, he rose again from the tomb overcoming all the taunts, insults, and criticisms to live again–and forever!

As we walk our road throughout life, maybe we can try to keep the same perspective, knowing that this mortal life and our physical body is only temporary–a short term part of the grand plan. Because of Christ we will rise again and live.

At that time it won’t matter what job we had, how rich we were, or what status we had. What will matter is what road we walked through life. Did we follow the Savior on our road? Did we love, help, and serve others? Were we kind? did we hold our head up high during moments of mocking and difficulties and keep moving forward?

Let’s take this sacred week and look at the road we are on. Does something need to change? Do we need to center ourselves on the road better? Are we following the path of Jesus Christ?

As we do so I know we can feel more joy, peace, love, and perspective in our own life–as long as our road is following the footsteps of our Savior.

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