Have you ever felt like something happened to you that you just didn’t think you would ever get out of?

It’s a feeling we all have at times.

A few weeks ago we had an ice storm and everything froze. Each blade of grass, each leaf and branch, and even each single flower became encased within ice in a very short time. It was beautiful, but actually quite devastating as trees and branches toppled to the ground.

We thought for sure that we would at least lose the flowers and quite possibly many of our plants. But we were surprised to see when the ice melted a way that that each flower petal had stayed intact. The plant not only survived, but thrived.

I’ve thought about what made that plant so resilient to the unexpected and rare experience that had occurred. I think it was partially due to the fact that its root system was untouched by the ice and was protected by the dirt around it. As well, over time it had received care (from me). It had been fed, watered, and nourished.

Each of us will experience times of unanticipated stress or difficulties. It’s a part of life. But what can we do to get through it?

Being resilient does not mean that people don’t experience stress, emotional upheaval, and suffering…Resilient people tap into their strengths and support systems to overcome challenges and work through problems.

Just like with the plant, we can receive help from others and and rely upon deep roots of strength and protection that we have developed over time. But if these support systems are not in place before hand it can make it more difficult.

So what can we do to develop inner strength and deeper and protected roots? A few ideas that I have found are praying more, serving and helping others, looking at things from a broader and longer term perspective, being more positive, reading the word of God, and developing friendships that are positive and help you to be a better person. We also may look at habits we have developed and work on limited those that are harmful and increasing those that are beneficial.

Let’s all take time to develop friendships and emotional strength that can provide help during difficult times. As we do so, we can all help one another become more resilient to life’s problems.

Just like the flowering plant, we can provide beauty and joy to others around us–even during times of difficulty.

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