As I was hiking the other day I crossed over a small bridge that went over a creek. I thought about the purpose of bridges—to get over an unpassable, deep, or dangerous area or obstacle.

They help us get more directly to our destination.

One time while hiking the trail just ended at a creek—I could see the trail continue on the other side, but unless I wanted to get very wet, I had to turn around.

However, as I continued on this new direction I found a beautiful path that went through areas I had never been before. In the end the hike was longer than I planned, but I could say, it might have been even more enjoyable.

In our own lives, we have goals and destinations we are trying to get to. What are the bridges in our lives that help us to overcome seemingly unpassable or difficult obstacles?

For me it is using the gospel of Jesus Christ to help me keep a longer term perspective.

It is family and friends that reach their hands out and offer support during hard times.

It is the quiet whisperings of God and His spirit that comfort me and tell me that everything will be all right.

And there have been times that I thought my journey was in one direction only to hit the end of the trail and have to go a different way. Looking back I can see the things I learned and the beauty that I saw on those other roads.

In the end it was exactly what I needed.

Here are a few pictures of bridges I have taken through the years for you to enjoy!

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