Yesterday Melissa and I drove to a scenic viewpoint right before Silver Falls State Park and ate dinner in the car together while watching the sunset.

On the way there we were worried about a bank of dark and ominous clouds that might block the sun too early and ruin our plans.

However, what happened instead was that the clouds accentuated the sunset making it more spectacular and beautiful. The sun pushed through and around the clouds affording us a wonderful experience full of vibrant colors.

In life, sometimes we have clouds and darkness through various difficulties and trials. We’ve all shared in the trials of this past year with the imapcts of COVID-19.

However, maybe the pushing through and around those trials make our life more colorful and vibrant.

Maybe it is in the struggle that the light at the end becomes brighter for us.

In doing so we learn to appreciate what we do have, develop patience, align our priorities better, and increase our trust in God.

Jesus Christ and his gospel and example help to push me through dark clouds that occur in my life. Hopefully I learn from my difficult times and am able to shine forth brighter afterwards.

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