Upward Climb

Repentance and Faith

Yesterday in church there was a talk that mentioned faith and repentance are not one time events but a process.

As we focus on the Savior our faith grows, we repent of mistakes we have made, and then we hopefully find ourselves at a higher place. Once again our faith grows and we see new things to repent of.

Some parts are harder than others. But this is a life-long process to become closer to our Savior and to try and align our will to God’s will for us. As we do so we become more like the Savior; loving, kind, patient, and focused on the essential things.

As I listened I thought about the hike I had taken the day before. It was a consistent, and sometimes difficult upwards incline. We came out of the forest after about 15 minutes and everyone stopped and was amazed at the view we found ourselves in (way above the clouds).

But I had been there before and knew there was so much more to see if we continued on.

Each time we rose higher there was more of a view opened up to us; yet each step did take work and a few periods of resting before we got back up and kept going.

Spiritually our life is also an upward climb. Some steps are harder than others and sometimes we need to rest and enjoy where we are at. But then we get back up and keep going to greater and greater vistas.

“Chief of all They wondrous works, O God Supreme of all Thy plan; Thou hast put an upward reach Into the heart of man.” (Harry Kemp, “God the Architect”)

Our Father in Heaven and Savior, Jesus Christ know our ultimate potential and know what wonderful things await at the top of the climb.

So lets keep growing our faith, repenting, and keep our eyes focused upward and wonderful things will happen!

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