A time of renewal

After the storm and fires there is still beauty.

This last September our area experienced extreme fires. With a strong east wind and high temperatures they raged to hundreds of thousands of acres within a few days. The skies turned orange as smoke filled the air. I watched the news in horror at the loss of peoples homes, business, and many beautiful wilderness areas where I used to go hiking.

The other day after a group of long and wet storms I ventured out to a portion of Silver Falls State Park (to a place not around the waterfalls) and took a hike for the first time in this area.

I will filled with thankfulness as I enjoyed the sunlight dappling through the trees, bright blue skies, and an amazing sunset. I even saw a few places where the fires had come right up to the edge of the State Park.

These burned areas are blackened now, but I know that soon, even within the next spring, new shoots of life will grow up out of the ground. New seedlings will have planted themselves in nurse logs and someday they will be full trees. Fires and storms in forests are a way that new plant life is renewed.

Nature reminds us that beauty can still come after the fires and the storms. Maybe it’s that the contrast allows us to appreciate that beauty even more.

In our own lives we go through times of storms and fires; spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally, and financially. Yet, we too can allow these times to be a time of renewal. We can appreciate the blessings we still have and in time look back and see the growth that we achieved during those times.

Take time to be thankful for what you do have and never forget.

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