Gifts to Him

It never gets old to hear the story of Christmas…the story of Jesus Christ. But that story wasn’t the beginning and it isn’t the end. The story of Christ is our story too. We are all living it.

The story of Christ and the story of Christmas is in the invitation to Come to Him. Through the scriptures, Jesus himself beckoned us to “Incline your ear”, “Come unto me”, “Return to me”, and “Walk with me”. In return he has promised, “A new heart will I give you”, “I have redeemed thee; thou art mine,” “Fear not”, “Find rest”, and “I will ease your burdens.”

So where do you fit into the story of Christ?

We’ve all heard the story of the Wise Men bringing gifts to Jesus. I would invite all of us to also give a gift to Him. But what do you give to someone that has everything? 

We give of ourselves. 

What gift could you give to Jesus? Is it a gift of doing away with a bad habit, a gift of studying his life more, a gift of obedience or sacrifice?. Are we able to gift him forgiveness for someone that has wronged us, or give to him the gift of greater diligence in ministering to and serving others?

Just like our relationship with the Savior is personal, so will each of our gifts be personal and individual. 

The glad tidings that the shepherds were told out in the fields is the same tidings we bear witness of today. That Christ, the Creator of the world, the great Jehovah of the old Testament, the Lamb of God, the first born Son of our Father, and the Savior of us all– lives!

He lives today!

During times of blessings and joy may we turn to him in gratitude but also realize that in times of difficulties our trials are designed to bring us closer to him in humility. 

 At this time of year as we celebrate his birth and life let’s remember that his glorious and marvelous story is not done and that we are all a part of it.

As the Shepherds and Wise men came to him let us all come to Him and follow Him, be strengthened, and find joy. 

Where do you fit into the story of Jesus Christ?

What gift can you give to Him?

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