There are no dead ends

The other day while hiking I came to the end of a path and it just stopped. The all-trails map I had on my phone said it continued on; connecting with another path in just a short distance.

I turned a different way down another dirt forest road thinking I might have made a mistake, but it took me in the opposite direction. I was getting a little discouraged and was about to turn around.

I went once again went to where the trail ended and looked around more carefully, but to no avail. All there was was forest and leaves and logs. So with my map in hand I took a deep breath and headed straight into uncharted territory–toward where the path should have been.

Hiking up hill and over stones and sticks and around a few trees I finally–about 20 feet later found a faint path that soon led me to my final destination at the summit.

I could have given up. I could have turned around. But I really wanted to get to my destination. With a little extra perseverance, walking into the forest for a bit, and taking some extra time, I did get to where I wanted to go and enjoyed the extra beauty on the way.

In life we may feel at times that there is a roadblock in front of where we want to go. We may not see any way to get to our destination.

We may try right and left but its not the right path. We may feel lost or discouraged.

But just like on my hike, sometimes we may need to go forward into unplanned or unfamiliar areas–with faith relying both upon what we know and a prayer and help from God.

Don’t give up. don’t think you can’t do it.

With a little more effort and faith push forward until you are back on the path to where you want to be. What you learned along the way may be valuable to you in the long-term.

There are no dead ends. There is always a way out. What you learn in one failure you utilize in your next success.

Henry FORD

In my life, the things that give me this extra push forward are prayer, reading the scriptures, helping others, and listening to the spirit of the Holy Ghost.

It isn’t always easy, and sometimes my path in life goes into unfamiliar or unmapped areas, but if I stay focused I can reach the summit.

Never let something block your path without trying all you can to find your destination.

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