Look around you–is your life full of clutter?

When my children were younger and we would go on family vacations I loved being in a hotel room. It was clutter-free; no toys laying around or anything shoved into the corners.

When I would get home, our house looked so crowded. There were so many things everywhere! Immediately my apprehension went up and I was more tense. How was I going to get anything done?

Now our house wasn’t that bad, but compared to the clean hotel room we had a lot more things lying around. I realized that the hotel room isn’t really set-up to live in. But I still felt some anxiety when I got home.

The last time we moved we downsized quite a bit. I spent a month going to the dump or to goodwill almost every day to get rid of all the things that didn’t really matter.

Now our home is much less cluttered and it feels great! I know where things are, and each time I enter inside I feel good. I can relax with no apprehension or worries about feeling overcrowded with things.

But what about our own lives? Do we have clutter that is keeping us from accomplishing things?

Clutter is not just the stuff on your floor – it’s anything that stands between you and the life you want to be living.

peter walsh

Each of us should take time looking at the activities in our own lives. Are we crowding so many things in that we are frustrated, or tense, or irritable, or just plain stressed out?

We can make an inventory on what we are spending our time on. Then list what our goals and dreams are. Are what we are spending time on leading to those goals or are they distracting from it?

A cluttered life is a life that you do not have control of. It is a life in which the things you have surrounded yourself with, and allow to use up your time, are controlling you and negatively influencing your happiness and eternal progress.

william r bradford April 1992

The things we spend our time and focus on will dictate the outcome of our lives. Are we focused on the right thing?

Is there some clutter that we need to get rid of in our own personal lives in order to get the results we want and to become the type of person we want to be?

If so, start now to de-clutter. Get rid of something that is distracting you from your goals.

Focus on the eternal, on your relationship with God, and on helping others.

And before you know it your life will have more peace and direction and be clutter-free!

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