God Among Us

Today in church we discussed a recent talk in our General Conference entitled  “God Among us”.

Many of us shared things, especially over this past year, where our faith may have been strengthened or wavered.

This past year has been difficult for people who have dealt with loneliness, bad health, loss of jobs, or even worse loss of loved ones. Many have questioned where God is through all of this.

But God lives and he is still here!

He knows us and knows what we are going through.

“When we feel insignificant, cast off, and forgotten, we learn that we may be assured that God has not forgotten us—in fact, that He offers to all His children something unimaginable…”

Dieter F. Uchtdorf april 2021

I think that having faith in God helps us to get through our trials. It gives us hope in something bigger than ourselves. An eternal perspective over a mortal one.

Personally I try and look for the good things around me when I am in the midst of troubles. 

I see God in his beautiful creations as I hike, in the faces of my small grandchildren, in the service of a member of my church to another in need, and in being given peace internally even though there may be turmoil all around.

The best way to see God among us is to serve, help, and lift others. As we do so we become more aware of our own blessings that we’ve been given. And can see his majesty in our own lives.

If you want to see God in your life, sit down and start writing out a list of all the good you have in your life, no matter how small or big. Think of people, places, health, conveniences, inventions, food, faith, knowledge, church, etc. We live in a marvelous time.

As you do so, you might be surprised in how much God has blessed your life.

He has always been there…and will always be among us!

It is not him who turns away, but it is us.

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