Nurse Logs

Do you ever feel that you are too tired, old, or worn out to help others?

Every time I go hiking I am enthralled by nurse logs. A nurse log is one in which a tree has died, fallen over, or been damaged—but other plants, trees, and bushes grow out of it.

A nurse log keeps giving even when things have been difficult and not gone their way.

A downed or damaged tree can give nutrients to a new seedling, helping it to grow for years.

I love seeing ferns, moss, small plants, and even full size trees growing from one of these nurse logs.

It reminds me that we should never feel too worn out to help others around us.

There is always something more to give. 

God does watch over us and does notice us, but it usually through someone else that he meets our needs.

Spencer W. Kimball

Who might be struggling and praying for help that we might be the answer to?

What if we feel too tired to help? Where will the help come from?

Each of us no matter our age, circumstance, or own personal trials has opportunities to help, lift, strengthen, and serve others.

Let’s remember the nurse log and all it keeps on giving, even after we might think its useful life is complete

(below are some pictures of nurse logs that I have taken this past year)

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