It’s Your Choice

Does it seem like the world spins around you changing all the time?

It’s hard to keep up.

I know in the workplace many times the mantra is the only thing constant is change.

In a recent General Conference talk in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints S. Gifford Nielson uses his experience as a football play to talk about challenges and change.

We can’t always choose the outcome of our actions, but we can choose to be ready to act.

S. Gifford Nielson, April 2021

We are always changing through the experiences we have in life. Some changes are forced upon us while others we choose to change ourselves. 

But either way we can choose how we react to the change.

Look around your life. If you feel a little out of control because things are changing too fast, try to focus on the ones you can control.  Don’t worry so much about the others.

How will you choose to react to changes in your life? Will you take advantage of what you can learn and how you might grow, or will you shrink back and become negative and angry and isolated?

The choice is up to you?

How will you act?

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