Small Things

Whether in nature or in life, small things over time can add up to something far greater.

In the attached picture we see a crack in the sidewalk from the roots of a tree. This didn’t happen all at once or even over a short time period. But most likely over many years.

In our own lives the small things we do, both for good or bad, can have long term consequences. A bad habit, started off small can result in disappointment, failure, or even incarceration over time.

But a simple act of kindness, or a new daily habit of something good and uplifting can build over a period of time to something far greater. The act of daily prayer or scripture reading, or saying hi and smiling to someone, or eating healthy can have tremendous benefits over the days, weeks, and years.

In total and over a significant period of time, seemingly small things bring to pass great things.

Dallin H. Oaks

Just like each individual brick in a an ancient castle, or the daily sprinkling of water under a rose bush, each piece of grandeur and greatness in our lives are only made up of smaller increments.

What small thing can you do today to start to build something grand in your life?

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