The sun is always shining somewhere

The sun is always shining, it’s just sometimes there are clouds in the way.

For the last 5 days or so Salem has been foggy and overcast so today Melissa and I decided to drive to the coast in the afternoon after church. After about 30 minutes the fog began to lessen, and another 30 minutes the sunshine started to be more prominent than the clouds, and then soon there was blue sky and abundant sunshine.

At the coast (Pacific City) we enjoyed bright sunshine with a slight breeze, and wonderful ocean air as we enjoyed the creations of God.

In life many times we may also feel that we are socked in under clouds and fog. This could be loneliness, loss of a job, family struggles, or just weighed down by the rigors and responsibilities of life–but we need to remember that God and Christ are always there.

And as we work through our difficult times, little by little the fog around us can lift until we once again find the bright sunlight of joy and peace in our life.

God is always there, but sometimes we need to push through the trials of life to feel him more abundantly.

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